Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap up!

Happy Monday!
This weekend I did a little shopping and picked up my favorite Sam Eldeman loafers, with spikes! I've had my eye on these for quite some time.

I have become obsessed with spikes and love to see how people pair them. They can be easily dressed from day to night and give any look an edgy vibe. I especially love the Christian Louboutin spikes, yet that steep price point is killing it for me. I first fell in love with the ballet flat spikes when I was browsing the Saks 5th Avenue website. I love to see how the collection has grown.

For some reason it makes me think of - Rude Boy- or one of Rhianna's crazy songs. For now ill just continue on with my collection of Sam Edelman spikes.
I spent all day yesterday re-organizing my guest bedroom/ office for our first visitor next month. I can not wait to see my prima even though we just saw each other in San Francisco in January it feels like decades!!

Thanks to the help of the BF we de-clutterd and redesigned the space. Somehow on Saturday I found myself at Lowes - and in the paint section. My spur of the moment impulse buy of paint led to a whole room transformation. Here is my new little desk ( the picture is a little dark but you get the idea!) Ill post more pictures of the guest room later this week!

And as for the Oscars..
I can honestly say I've never been into award shows. They are long, over drawn at times & just not my cup of tea (just my opinion) but I do love to see what stars are wearing on the red carpet. This season I am loving all the white gowns -- here are some of my favorites from last night!
Until next time.

Currently Obsessed with: favorite tv shows at this moment!

Who doesn't love a good reality show? For some crazy reason ( perhaps all those years on the ice and in a studio) I have fallen in love with Lifetimes- Dance Moms. Abby Lee is such a character- from her moves to her froggy voice and her bingo nails you cant help but love her! The show follows along 4 dance moms and their daughters studio time by the professional choreography of Abby Lee. She doesn't make pretty little dancers she makes employable dancers as she constantly tries to instell in the moms.The team of 6 girls compete every weekend and learn there routine in a weeks time span. Okey so from my summary this show doesn't seem all that interesting but trust me once your hooked it makes for some pretty good entertaining tv.. Even the BF is on board and laughs at Abby Lee!
Another great reality tv guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of OC. I love all of the housewife's installments ( minus DC- Bravo what were you thinking?) but OC the original has to be my favorite. The BF hates all of the housewives shows because he thinks its a bunch of rich people arguing about nothing and being catty...How can one not be interested in the fashion these woman wear and following along on their 'tough' fabulous lives---- I love it!
As for the more normal of my favorite shows right now is American Pickers - the documantation of two pickers( what the heck is a picker you may be asking- think dumpster diver, antique finders or memorabilia hunters) Mike and Frank from Iowa. I LOVE to see all of the amazing finds they discover as they travel across the country on some of the backroads of america!
And lastly we have American Restoration. The amazing history channel show that shows how a restoration artist transforms an old item back to spankin' new condition. This has to be one of my favorite shows! Seeing old coca cola memorable being transformed and seeing unique antique items.
until next time..
xoxox beans

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jason Wu 4 Target!

I love when designers have private labels or collaborations with discount chains. Jason Wu's collection launched on Superbowl Sunday. Talk about a great marketing idea.. All those last-minute shoppers caught all the good stuff.. Being that I am new to Arizona I honestly felt like no one would catch on the Jason Wu train. ( no offense but there is a rare sighting of people who are dressed up.. I mean even wearing jeans.. Everyone is wearing their PJs around.. very strange to me) I went to our local Target around 1pm asking around about the Jason Wu Collection.I thought two things- either everything is sold out because its so late, or there would be tons of things because these AZ people don't follow trends. Remember Missoni for Target? The Target website crashed and the stores were a HOT mess. So when I went around looking for the collection and didn't see any big signs in the store I took to the employees. Many of the employees looked at me with that confused "huh" face. One employee said 'oh it sold out'. Another said 'oh its only at xyz stores.' Soo what else would a fashion starved New Yorker do ? My mom accompanied me on this journey to set out and find some WU! We went to all of the 3 stores that the manager told us we could find the collection at. At every store there was one rack. ONE... ( this new york girl is use to a whole section) So we rambled through the slim pickings and I actually found a dress in my size, and mama dukes scored a top. We went to the next two stores to find little to none and nothing in our sizes. I was a bit disappointed to find that (gasp) 'there are people in this state who like fashion and follow whats going on in the industry?' Yet, overall thrilled that I nab just a little something!

My little Red & Blue Dress- Jason Wu for Target - everything was priced under $60 !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheetah / Leopard - Do or Don't?

I walked into my brothers apartment and the face on his room mate when he saw my cheetah shirt.. He said something along the lines of " oh were you playing bingo". I admit, when I think of cheetah I think of older ladies playing bingo or penny slots. But I have fallen in LOVE with the print and kind of become obssessed. I love to add a hint of cheetah to my daily wardrobe. Im not saying im wearing it head to toe just adding accent pieces. I love the pop that it adds to any outfit.
Here are some things from my cheettah collection. Even my sister added it to her wardrobe.

Peace Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Shoes- Sperry Top Sliders, Blouse- Casual Freedom from Nordstrom and my sisters scarf is Express.
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