Monday, February 27, 2012

Currently Obsessed with: favorite tv shows at this moment!

Who doesn't love a good reality show? For some crazy reason ( perhaps all those years on the ice and in a studio) I have fallen in love with Lifetimes- Dance Moms. Abby Lee is such a character- from her moves to her froggy voice and her bingo nails you cant help but love her! The show follows along 4 dance moms and their daughters studio time by the professional choreography of Abby Lee. She doesn't make pretty little dancers she makes employable dancers as she constantly tries to instell in the moms.The team of 6 girls compete every weekend and learn there routine in a weeks time span. Okey so from my summary this show doesn't seem all that interesting but trust me once your hooked it makes for some pretty good entertaining tv.. Even the BF is on board and laughs at Abby Lee!
Another great reality tv guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of OC. I love all of the housewife's installments ( minus DC- Bravo what were you thinking?) but OC the original has to be my favorite. The BF hates all of the housewives shows because he thinks its a bunch of rich people arguing about nothing and being catty...How can one not be interested in the fashion these woman wear and following along on their 'tough' fabulous lives---- I love it!
As for the more normal of my favorite shows right now is American Pickers - the documantation of two pickers( what the heck is a picker you may be asking- think dumpster diver, antique finders or memorabilia hunters) Mike and Frank from Iowa. I LOVE to see all of the amazing finds they discover as they travel across the country on some of the backroads of america!
And lastly we have American Restoration. The amazing history channel show that shows how a restoration artist transforms an old item back to spankin' new condition. This has to be one of my favorite shows! Seeing old coca cola memorable being transformed and seeing unique antique items.
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