Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jason Wu 4 Target!

I love when designers have private labels or collaborations with discount chains. Jason Wu's collection launched on Superbowl Sunday. Talk about a great marketing idea.. All those last-minute shoppers caught all the good stuff.. Being that I am new to Arizona I honestly felt like no one would catch on the Jason Wu train. ( no offense but there is a rare sighting of people who are dressed up.. I mean even wearing jeans.. Everyone is wearing their PJs around.. very strange to me) I went to our local Target around 1pm asking around about the Jason Wu Collection.I thought two things- either everything is sold out because its so late, or there would be tons of things because these AZ people don't follow trends. Remember Missoni for Target? The Target website crashed and the stores were a HOT mess. So when I went around looking for the collection and didn't see any big signs in the store I took to the employees. Many of the employees looked at me with that confused "huh" face. One employee said 'oh it sold out'. Another said 'oh its only at xyz stores.' Soo what else would a fashion starved New Yorker do ? My mom accompanied me on this journey to set out and find some WU! We went to all of the 3 stores that the manager told us we could find the collection at. At every store there was one rack. ONE... ( this new york girl is use to a whole section) So we rambled through the slim pickings and I actually found a dress in my size, and mama dukes scored a top. We went to the next two stores to find little to none and nothing in our sizes. I was a bit disappointed to find that (gasp) 'there are people in this state who like fashion and follow whats going on in the industry?' Yet, overall thrilled that I nab just a little something!

My little Red & Blue Dress- Jason Wu for Target - everything was priced under $60 !

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