Saturday, March 31, 2012

Style Files: Flowers

Hello Saturday! Last night I went to see the Hunger Games - FINALLY! I loved it so much. It was a good portrayal of the book. I just started book two the other night and I'm excited to see whats to come! I'm definitely confused if I'm team Petta or Gale! After the movie I was team Gale obviously because of Liam Hemsworth :) Here's what I'm listening to this morning a little hunger games music + Taylor Swift. (May the odds be ever in your favor ;) )

Fridays are typically a date night for me and the bf. We headed to this great Mexican place called Macayos in Mesa. It kind of reminded me of Chevy's and it was our first time there. Since my photographer aka mom is out of town this weekend the bf was in charge of these pictures. I love that floral prints are so major right now. I definitely want to get my hands on some floral cut off jean shorts. I picked up this Forever 21 dress almost 3 years ago when I was heading to Vegas for my 21st birthday. I love the sweetheart neckline and the colorful summer print. 

Mac Lip gloss - Sassy Lassy
Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Dress - Forever 21

Jacket - BCBG

Ring - Target 
Earrings - H+M

Sandals - Nine West
Belt - LC 


Friday, March 30, 2012

Style Files: Green & Orange

Happy Friday! I think I'm going to start sharing some of my favorite songs with you all! On our mini road trip up to the mountains to  white  salt water rafting we listened to a lot of house music. We all have XM/Sirus radio in our cars in my family and we listened to BPM channel 51 which I think broadcasts out of NYC. I love that sometimes while in traffic and hearing the traffic report I forget I'm 3000 miles away. I love the beats of house music and think of jersey and fist pumpin'. Anyways -- I keep hearing this song ( Bingo Players - Cry a Little) -- and its my SOTD (song of the day)!

I've started and I wont stop, mixing colors. I  honestly feel like all the matching rules are out the window.  Mixing different prints is now a trend (as long as you don't look like your 5)! I ventured to the mall the other day an came across these two colorful finds!

What I'm wearing: Top, Shorts + Sunglasses: Forever 21,  Sandals: Steve Madden, Necklace: LC find and Ring: H+M 



Thursday, March 29, 2012

beans4fashion: Craving Red?

beans4fashion: Craving Red?: On the vintage hunt I ran into this navy blue polka dot top! I loved it  from the moment I picked it up and began to in-vision how and what ...

Craving Red?

On the vintage hunt I ran into this navy blue polka dot top! I loved it  from the moment I picked it up and began to in-vision how and what I was going to pair it with. Red and Navy blue always seem to pop and  complete each other. While flipping through the channels Saturday I landed on the Notebook - one of my all time favorite girly sappy movies. I was inspired by the 50s when putting this look together. I wish we could teleport back to time periods and live a little like they did. I love the fashion, the hair the glamour that they embodied. Heres what I put together!

Top is vintage from Cheap Thrills in Phoenix 

Assorted bangles and two finger ring says "Jet'aime"

90's Coach cross body bag 

Wide leg jeans are Arden B 

Sephora - rouge veloute sans transfert cream lip stain 

Fossil sunglasses 

Christan Louboutin  - Almeria 120 Rope 

Picked up this necklace at a street vendor in New York



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Style Files: Cargo Pants?

I love these army cargo pants. They fit amazing and are the perfect shade of green. I noticed them in a magazine a couple years ago and headed to Saks right after to pick them up! I  paired  them with my favorite C. Louboutins from my small collection which also were purchased at Saks. They were love at first sight and my first pair of red soles!  Remember its not always about being matchy matchy!

Im wearing: J Brand Cargos,  Pique Cire 140 Calf Christian Louboutins, BDG tank from Urban Outfitters and a star ring from American Eagle. 


And they call it puppy love!

Meet my girls!!!

Heres for a little puppy fashion :) 

Yes, I am one of those people who likes to dress their pups up and who loves their dogs like its a baby. I love my two girls Cali (Yorkie) and Mia (Shih -Tzu)

Mia: Is 9 already and I've had her since she was 8 weeks old! She loves kids and sleeping, is an amazing swimmer,  loves to be carried around like a baby and loves her toys like they are her best friends! She has an enormous collection of toys some that she has taken from Cali. This is her newest toy for Easter! My mom gets the pups toys for every holiday! 

Cali: Is 3 and was my 21st birthday gift from the Bf. She was 7 months and already this size. She loves to bark, loves to eat, cuddle, chase after birds and is very jealous! She isn't too fond of toys unless of course Mia is playing with them- then Cali has to have them!

She looks so sweet and innocent!!! Or maybe she is thinking "mom take this dress off of me"?!
Her dress says Princess with a crown!

She couldn't decide if she liked the duck or the bunny more!

Honestly I don't think she's much of dress up pup but when I saw this dress at Petsmart I couldnt resist!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is this spring?

Since moving here, I've realized two things- I am not prepared for summer of 100 degree weather and two we do not have any seasons. I should have known this growing up in San Diego where its beautiful year round, but the heat in this state is crazy!! Its only March and its reached high 80s. I wanted something light, breezy and clean when I put this look together. 

tank-  rock + republic

ring- vintage 

skirt- staring at stars w/ belt- bdg

sunglasses- urban outfitters 

necklace-  fossil 

sandals- jeffrey campbell (lc find
bracelets- assortment

 shirt- forever 21 + earrings- vintage 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap up!

Happy Monday!

I started the weekend off Friday night by heading to the Romeo Santos concert- listen to his new album here!  He was once with the group Aventura and in 2009 they released their last album as a group. He then ventured off  as solo artist - think Justin Timberlake and  N'Sync! The funny thing about salsa and bachata is I can barely understand half of the words but love, love the music. I generally catch the gist of the songs lyrics -- but still I think I'm drawn into the music because of  the beats and musical instruments!

On Saturday I decided to pick up The Hunger Games book- after seeing the movie preview I definitely want to read the book first. I know I'm super late but I just didn't believe at first that I would like it. I just started reading it yesterday in the car ride up to Globe, AZ.  Last weekend when my BFF was here we had planned to go white water salt water rafting. Similar to white yet in a salt river and not as big of waves but for sure a good time. Unfortunately it was pretty cold down here and even colder in the mountains (it was snowing!!!) so we had to cancel for the following weekend. We headed up to Mild 2 Wild rafting and spent the entire day in the sun. We all got a little sun burned :( but overall had an amazing experience!!! It was one to check off the bucket list. 

Here's the group picture!

How did you spend your weekend?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

So honored!

I am so excited to finally have a dot com! Im still tweaking some things around so bare with me.I loved Wordpress but wanted to change things up a bit. I have had a crazy hectic weekend and I cant wait to share pictures of this weekends favorite styled outfits!

I just  wanted to share with you this amazing blog really quick -  I was featured on it from a fashion editor from the UK! Check out Anne here!!!

How neat! Im so ecstatic!!



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arizona's Best Kept Secret!

I'm going to let you in on a little fashion secret that only local Arizona peeps can take advantage of - it's this mad house of a place called Last Chance. It seems almost everyone walking around the store is pretty fashionable and  obviously love to score a good deal. I've always shopped Nordstroms, Saks and  other mall stores for jeans and other finds and more recently The Rack. Yet sometimes you just  cant pass up  a good deal, although when I really want something I have no problem paying full price.  When I first heard about it I was thrilled designer and name brand steals at bargain prices it couldn't be.  For all my New Yorker's its like Century 21. We have Marshalls and Tj Maxx and all of the retailers off sites stores but this store is seriously different. I've read some pretty nasty reviews on Yelp about it but if you have the chance to stop in my fellow fashion lovers and thrifters you will love it. It's exactly like thrifting - you dig, you search you rummage through bins of jewelry in order to find a gem. It's a huge store ( picture  a Marshalls) with racks of clothes everywhere ( one word of advice: it can get pretty messy and you will need some patience you will not always walk out with something!) and discounts all over. Its kind of a see it to believe it type of store - my best friend recently went with and after her first round she got the Last Chance method and loved it. I can just picture jobbers selling brands to this store because it is fully loaded and every hour it seems they replenish the floor with new finds. A lot of the pieces are a couple of seasons old and you honestly have to search for a good steals but all in all its well worth it if. Picture the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic remember the scene were she's at a sample sale and fighting for Burberry boots? That is exactly how LC is. I'm not going to lie it can be overwhelming and crazy and although some pieces are steals compared to full retail price they can still be costly. Yet its well worth a try if you love to thrift! I'll post some of my Last Chance finds from now on so you can see just how amazing the store can be if you put in some time.

Dressing your age!

I can honestly say I love my mothers style. How many people can say that? I remember being in middle school thinking "hmm is that your grandma or your mom?" Lucky for me my mama has these amazing genes! Every where we go, I mean seriously EVERYWHERE people are so curious to know-- 'is that your mom or your sister?' (GASP!) I use to HATE to hear this question. The follow-up comment is always either "wow she looks good for her age" or "man she must have had you at a young age like a teen mom". You know the feisty Puerto Rican in me wants to snap and say something along the lines of - actually she was 26 years old when she had me-- so do the math!!
Anyways-- I hate to see older moms or moms in general dress like grannys! Come on you got it flaunt it. And does mama got it! On the contrary I hate to see a mom wearing her daughters clothes and dressed like she's going to a club. Come on ladies lets start dressing age appropriate! My mama has been my shopping partner in crime since birth! We love our weekly shopping adventures and love to pick out things that we think would fit each others style.
Mama is a simple girl. She likes cardigans, layering pieces and loves a deep wash jean. She's into comfort when it comes to shoes like ballet flats and little heels.

Ballet Flats: Eddie Ballet - Tory Burch
Top: Kimchi Blue - Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Purse: Marcie Large Leather - Chloe

Friday, March 23, 2012

Echo Canyon Park!

On the quest to find fun things while my best friend was in this desert we went on a hike. We heard this is the BEST mountain in the Phoenix area. After getting lost in a multi-million dollar neighborhood and gasped at beautiful houses we landed upon echo park. Boy did we not know what we were getting ourselves into! Always up for a challenge and plus I've been on my work out kick. You can still be stylish while working out lol.

At the start of the hike!
a few hundred steps up
after we conquered one hill
only to turn the corner to this! :O
and more hills & such
to get a view like this!!!
The beauty of Arizona -- so many more mountains to conquer!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yesterday I was on the hunt for something vintage. I scoured the net and found this little gem in Phoenix called Cheap Thrills. I walked into this little boutique and was transferred back to the 60's. My eyes could not believe all the amazing pieces this shop had to offer. It reminded me of this boutique I use to go to in Hoboken called Revival.( I'll have to post about my ultimate find from this store!) I love a good real vintage boutique! I mean, vintage is what you make it! I've always been a thrifter & I've traveled far to many vintage stores only to find pieces from the 90's early 2000's and hella over priced! It kind of disappoints me because It's so hard to find quality old school pieces especially being so far west. Heres one of the finds I picked up! Lovin' this 70's jumper!

strolling through old town Gilbert
oh my a teal wall :)
I also picked up these round vintage earrings

Love these bangles - they are my moms from Thailand from the 90's

Dolce Vita for Target wedges!

love the sweetheart style neckline!
Mac Creme Sheen Baron's Rose

Juicy Couture sunglasses also seen here
stay tuned for the rest of my finds at my favorite new store!
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