Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cause Awareness!

Happy Saturday peeps! This morning I saw the sunrise and this little beauty - I shall call her Nala! I was up early to participate and walk in the annual walk like MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving) walk held at the Phoenix Zoo! It was an easy 5k walk in which you walk through the zoo and can see all the animals! ( most of them were still asleep) My family has been supporters for Madd for quite some time now and I've been looking forward to this walk. Although we may not have been personally affected by a drunk driver - luckily , it is interesting, sad and also very upsetting to hear the stories of the victims. It compels you to want to make a difference. Our family held two booths at this years walk and enjoyed the sunshine!

This was my second big walk that I've participated in. If you live in LA or NYC I strongly recommend you try the EIF Revlon Run/Walk. Why you may be asking? Well its an AMAZING organized walk that touched my heart. This is one that I actually had a relatable personal reason to participate. The walk helps with women's cancers. Not just breast cancer all types of cancer! It's a huge production and in NYC you walk from Times Square to Central Park. There are also celebrity sightings if your into the Entertainment Industry!

This was last year with one of my best friends Shean!
In other news-- the other night I was browsing through twitter like I usually do when I'm getting ready to fall asleep. (it helps me fall asleep easier reading post) I couldn't help but notice #kony2012 and #makekonyfamous all over my timeline. (Let me be honest I'm not one to sit and watch the news- it has to be something really interesting I know this is horrible, and I will work on being more of an adult) I asked the BF because he usually has all the worldly answers and he had no clue. So I decided to do some research. Let me tell you, if you haven't seen the Invisible Children video then I suggest you hop on YouTube and watch it. RIGHT NOW! ( its 27 minutes but well worth it and gives you everything you need to know about Joseph Kony- the world's worst war criminal). The video touched my heart and I couldn't help but want to get involved. I feel like there is a huge debate when it comes to KONY2012. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I'll be honest I have read the opposing side. I can understand where one is coming from but when children are in involved I cant help but want to help! Educate yourself and make your own decisions. Lets not follow along this cause because its a "trend" or because your friend is a supporter! Follow along because you want to help make a difference!
You can go online to and purchase a kit. As of now they are still SOLD OUT :( but ill keep checking the site for new goods.
Have a beautiful Saturday!

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