Thursday, March 29, 2012

Craving Red?

On the vintage hunt I ran into this navy blue polka dot top! I loved it  from the moment I picked it up and began to in-vision how and what I was going to pair it with. Red and Navy blue always seem to pop and  complete each other. While flipping through the channels Saturday I landed on the Notebook - one of my all time favorite girly sappy movies. I was inspired by the 50s when putting this look together. I wish we could teleport back to time periods and live a little like they did. I love the fashion, the hair the glamour that they embodied. Heres what I put together!

Top is vintage from Cheap Thrills in Phoenix 

Assorted bangles and two finger ring says "Jet'aime"

90's Coach cross body bag 

Wide leg jeans are Arden B 

Sephora - rouge veloute sans transfert cream lip stain 

Fossil sunglasses 

Christan Louboutin  - Almeria 120 Rope 

Picked up this necklace at a street vendor in New York




  1. The blouse is gorgeous! And so are YOU!!
    I love your fur-kids!!! They are adorable!



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