Thursday, March 1, 2012

Currently Obsessed with: Beauty

I fell in love with EOS lip balm when I was browsing around DuaneReade one day. I have this tendecy to love to try new things. Like if I see a new cleaning product I'll be the first one to give it a go. I saw this cute little round egg at checkout and it was an impluse buy. I grabbed the mint one and every time I whipped it out people asked me what it was. I have grown to love all the scents or "flavors" as I like to say. You can pick up this 95% organic 100% natural lip balm at any pharmacy or target/walmart stores. I also just started using the hand lotion which smells amazing and keeps your hands smooth!
My beautiful sister recommened Anastasia brow kit. We were in New Orleans for one of my BFF from college, wedding, and all I hear from the bathroom as we are getting ready to go out is my sister yelling "can I fix your eyebrows!" I was all game and fell in love with this little compact eyebrow kit. Its so easy to use and updates your face so easily.
Next we have the "ombre" look. I had no idea this was a look let alone had a name. But my ever so fashionable sister in law (SIL) told me about the ombre look. (its basically letting your roots grow out and coloring the lighter part of your hair -- the bottom half) I love this look on Khole Kardashain. I also love the red lip shes rocking. How fierce does she always look! The red lip can make any outfit pop and add some flavor to your look. Try the red lip with different prints or all black to add some color to your outfit.( its like a simple accessory)
Lastly I have fallen back in love with Gel Manicures. My prima (V) started me on gel manicures back in New Jersey. We were on our way to the Dominican Republic for our graduation celebration. I loved that it lasted the entire week of vacation. I tried it out again yet in Hoboken the prices were sky high and I didn't feel like I was getting the value out of a $30-$40 manicure. Gel last longer and is similar to acrylics yet WAY BETTER. Gel bends with your nails and your manicure will last up to 3 weeks and look exactly how you left the salon. No chips, no waiting for the polish to dry. Its amazing and becoming huge out here in Arizona.
until next time <3

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