Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dive into Summer

Considering the current temperatures in Arizona I have began to put some serious thought into my next swim suit purchase. (a girl can never have just 1 swim suit! It's all about options! )
I was on Pinterest the other night and found this teal fringe top (number 3 below). I think that's what started my swim suit itch. I began to incorporate the bandeau top two summers ago. Let me be the first to tell you its a top that's hard to purchase. I've always had a hard time finding a suit that fit my body correctly. My top and bottom have always been two different sizes. For the bandeau top I definitely recommend you try it on before you buy, just to make sure it fits correctly. This top can become a serious wardrobe malfunction especially when you mix water, waves and sand into this fashion equation.
I started searching my go to swim wear places online.( on a budget? Try Victoria Secret, Forever 21, Target and H&M) I actually am considering a one piece suit as well. I've always been a bikini girl but I'm loving the new one suit trends. Especially the bandeau style ruffled one! The retro one piece (number 5) is also at the top of my list- how vintage does it look! (teal alert!)
Here are my top 8 favorites that I've seen so far. Now all I need is to plan a tropical island vacation this summer!

1. H&M 2. Victoria Secret 3.Pinterest 4/7. H&M 5/6/8. Victoria Secret

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