Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dressing your age!

I can honestly say I love my mothers style. How many people can say that? I remember being in middle school thinking "hmm is that your grandma or your mom?" Lucky for me my mama has these amazing genes! Every where we go, I mean seriously EVERYWHERE people are so curious to know-- 'is that your mom or your sister?' (GASP!) I use to HATE to hear this question. The follow-up comment is always either "wow she looks good for her age" or "man she must have had you at a young age like a teen mom". You know the feisty Puerto Rican in me wants to snap and say something along the lines of - actually she was 26 years old when she had me-- so do the math!!
Anyways-- I hate to see older moms or moms in general dress like grannys! Come on you got it flaunt it. And does mama got it! On the contrary I hate to see a mom wearing her daughters clothes and dressed like she's going to a club. Come on ladies lets start dressing age appropriate! My mama has been my shopping partner in crime since birth! We love our weekly shopping adventures and love to pick out things that we think would fit each others style.
Mama is a simple girl. She likes cardigans, layering pieces and loves a deep wash jean. She's into comfort when it comes to shoes like ballet flats and little heels.

Ballet Flats: Eddie Ballet - Tory Burch
Top: Kimchi Blue - Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Purse: Marcie Large Leather - Chloe

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