Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Its just the Norm to me!

Sometimes I think I was suppose to be born in a different era. I love anything hippie and vintage inspired. I hate walking into Urban outfitter's because everything I see is just calling my name. I mentally prepared myself this weekend and walked into Urban just to browse. I came across this vintage ring ( they have a line of vintage made jewelry ) and glasses. The bf actually picked out the glasses. He has become accustomed to my not so normal style. My mom always has had a strong influence on my style. She let me wear what I wanted as a kid and pick out my own outfits when shopping. She supported me when I said I wanted to go to fashion school. ( It may be fashion school and some people think legally blonde but I majored in Marketing with a concentration in Event Planning) I have always seen things a little differently ( you know when you try on clothes and you tilt your head to the side an exam your ensemble?) but since blogging I have noticed that others are just like me and like be a little loud and different. Whats so wrong with wanting to be yourself? Dress what you think matches. It doesn't actually have to match that's the beauty of fashion. We pick up past trends and we create new ones. We revisit looks like flared jeans ( I had some in the 4th grades lol and now they are back) and oversized glasses (my mom had a pair in the 80s). That's what I love about fashion--- you can make it your own!

|Top: Obey (My favorite top brand)| Jeans: Joe Jeans| Vest & Necklace worn as headband: Metro- Park (This store closed down)| Glasses & Ring: Urban Outfitter's

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