Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lets talk Music!

Lets take a fashion side note! I'm curious to know how many people have a music song association? Have you ever heard a song so many times and just recall the exact moment & place you were in? The people who were with you? The fun times you had?
I love song association memories - you can re-live the moments in a song. The last time my best friend came to visit we were in college and on spring break! Our song memory is now Rihanna's rude boy. It seems every time we take a trip together we keep a song on repeat! So of course knowing this I was excited to hear what song she was loving at the moment. She had called me a couple of nights before as she was packing and told me about this documentary she was watching on Usher and how she was falling in love with him :) .
When I think of Usher I think of love songs, break up song and amazing R&B albums, like Confessions. Oh my, how I use to keep that cd on repeat in high school, as well as that song "Yeah!" featuring Ludacris and Lil Jon. This memory association is so Sophomore year of high school. How fashion has evolved since then, I recall wearing fitted era caps after that video. Usher is a style icon as well with a creative fashion sense. If you can tell I absolutely love Usher; his voice, his music and lyrics. My mom was lucky enough to see him in concert last year at his OMG tour. (so jealous)

an amazing picture she took!
Anyways-- back to 2012 -- the song that kept us pumped this weekend was Usher's Climax. If you haven't heard it then you should go download it and play it on repeat! I already have!
Do you have any song associations or is it just me?

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