Friday, March 9, 2012

Rev up for REVA!

We have all seen the REVA flat from Tory Burch by now.( If you havent here they are)
I mean living in New York just about everywhere you turn you see the black and silver TB logo. I caught the wave a couple of years ago. I was working part-time during Christmas break at Arden B! I remember actually getting into trouble because they were not pointy flats and not on trend. (San Diego wasnt with the REVA style yet). I wore them one 8 hour shit and when I got home my feet were swollen. I tossed these in the back of my closet because they were so uncomfortable. I decided to try them out again because I was told at a young age "beauty is pain". I wanted to break these bad boys in and once I did I began to wear them daily for my commute to work! The same goes for these teal ones- first day wearing them yesterday was pretty rough!
I love TB designs yet I have to be totally honest. These shoes are all hard to break in but once you do it will be worth it! I'm beginning to think the higher the price point of a shoe the more uncomfortable. ( I have red bottoms those babies are SO uncomfortable!) I wore these TB teal( did I tell you how obsessed I am with teal? read about it here)
Top: Olivia Moon
Heres my small TB collection

Patent Reva- These were my first uncomfortable pair!
Printed Flip Flops- Took these on my last vacation to Puerto Rico
Sophie Wedge- Mine are more black and brown mix like a snakeskin design
Totally comfortable and perfect for the office!
Patent Caroline Ballet Flat- Gifted from my Brother for my Birthday last year!
Took a little breaking in but totally comfortable now!

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