Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Finds

Last Friday I let you in on some of my favorite home finds from Pinterest, so here's a follow up wedding edition. I often find myself lusting over beautiful wedding gowns, shoes, wedding ideas, favors and engagement rings. I think  a lot of girls/ women dream of their wedding day. I never did as a child only once I started college. I had then dreamed of becoming a wedding planner and even minored in Event Planning. While in college I worked a summer at a bridal boutique in San Diego. I enjoyed it for the most part, women are hard to please so one can imagine that a women is particularly picky when it comes to wedding shopping. I enjoyed the proposal stories and helping everyone find the perfect dress... But man lugging all those heavy dresses around and then reorganizing them back into the correct place was a task. I think if I had more on the job training I would have enjoyed it more.   The problem was that for us women buying a wedding dress is huge investment, for some  they continue to find one that's "better" then the one they have. I cant recall anyone who walked out of the store on  their first day with thee dress!

Here are some of my favorite finds --all taken from pinterest!



  1. I am dying over those rings! Eeep! too cute :)
    love your blog, girl. The layout is adorable.

    xo, Samantha

    1. Thanks!!! love the rings.. too pretty and shiny =]



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