Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Staying Fit

Luckily, growing up I  never had to deal with weight gain on an off until about the age of 20. I mean I think its safe to say that anyone who goes to college will ultimately gain the freshman 15. I did, and I have no shame. Growing up I participated in all things girly girl when it came to sports. Gymnastics, Figure Skating and Dance basically were my life! In high school I ran track and played volleyball.

I have always had a love hate relationship with working out. For some crazy reason I gain more weight around  the holidays-- don't all women? Well after last years Thanksgiving I decided to hit the gym religiously. I worked out daily and did my best attempt with eating healthier. I lived off of  salad- lunch & dinner almost everyday. Once I moved in with my boyfriend he brought it my attention that salad alone is "not dinner".. hmm who knew! So this health kick lasted until the summer and then I sunk back into my bad eating habits. I have to admit I'm an emotional eater! I eat when I'm happy, sad, mad and most importantly when I'm bored! Its horrible!!!! I'm also a big snacker! I've learned to swap out bad carbs and sugars with good ones.  Anyways long story short: I decided to get back on this health craze. What better way to get motivated about working out then  looking good while you work out-- like some new kicks and apparel.

I picked up some new gear this weekend at Nike to get motivated and get back into the gym. I think I was born into the Nike craze-- its in my blood. My brother worked at Nike and then I worked at Nike and even my boyfriend has worked at Nike. Its our go to brand for sportswear! I was going to the gym daily again and then decided to take a break -- that ended up being 2 weeks off! Yikes!  I went to the gym yesterday in my new gear and have to say -- its so refreshing to get a good work out in! My bff put me on this new app- FIT radio-  that's perfect for working out & its free to download - it definitely kicked up my workout. (Check it out if you have an ipod or iphone! )

I picked up some new socks - in my favorite colors of course!

some new running shorts which were on sale!!

& new kicks!

A new summer colorful sports bra

You can find them here

Share with me your thoughts: Do you work out? Do you feel like its hard to keep up with? 



  1. I hate working out but I do feel much better afterwards. I love the shoes! Cute workout clothes does help me want to work out more.

  2. Thanks!!! Good results make me want to work out more !!!


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