Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Current Obsessions !

Today is my 24th birthday! At this age who really gets excited about another year of being older? As you get older there are different things to get excited about :) One thing that never changes is my love for fashion.. I always turn to it when I'm down and out and to get re-excited about things.. Fashion lifts my mood and as a shopaholic I love to feed my addiction.

 I was browsing reward style the other day and came across a lot of wish list items that I'm obsessed with and wanted to share some of my favorites!!! I love browsing the net to get inspired--  I love that although my friends all are scattered across we all seem to love to get each others opinions on clothes!! How often do we all take a picture inside of a dressing room and send it to each other for our bffs approval?!!

I kind of change my iphone case too often.. how cute are these?

I use to love baking and one day hope to have this bad boy in my kitchen!

Adding colored shorts into my summer wardrobe & just picked up these leopard shorts!

Sheers are super trendy right now!

Experimenting with new nail colors

I love this scent for summer my favorite clean fragrance

Slightly obsessed with lots of arm candy and picked up some spikes at forever 21 like these!

I have a mannequin in my office and might need to add this one to my collection

I love high low skirts!! perfect for summer & I just picked up one like this from Forever 21!

How cute are these sailor inspired flats?!!

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