Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Posting - Men's Summer Fashion

Hope you all are having an amazing, relaxing an enjoyable 4 day weekend. Let not forget what this holiday means and honor our fallen troops! Today I have a special Mens edition post on summer essentials. Here is what Mike from twitter had to say!

Of course, there are many styles that should be banned from every man's summer wardrobe. First and foremost, jean shorts are a definitely don't. They aren't very flattering, often come in odd washes, and create a sloppy, unprofessional look. Another trend to avoid would be tank tops. Tanks are very hard looks for men to pull off and can end up looking dated. Finally, men should be careful with flip flops; they should make sure to get a pedicure to clean up their nails. Keeping these don't do’s in mind is important so that men can start putting together a great new look. Finally, avoid old, sloppy baseball caps; these should be saved for working around the house, not out in public.

There are many great styles to try for summer, and every man should consider the following staples: button-down shirts, a relax pairs of shorts, and a great pair of designer jeans. Button down shirts can be dressed up or down, which means that a day look can be turned into a night look very easily. 
Button downs from Express are a go to!

At the same time, picking a pair of comfortable, casual shorts is a good goal for every man. Find something that fits well and is flattering to help pull a look together. Also, a great pair of jeans is perfect for summer nights when the temperature starts to go down. Pick a style that's fitted (though not too tight) and dark, which will be great for any late-night gatherings matched with some dusty boots for that laid by stylish look.

I love a good camo on men! 

To really take a look to the next level, men should consider pairing accessories with these new outfits. Although some men may shy away from including accessories, they are a great addition to make any look pulled-together. One great accessory to try is a fedora, which is the type of hat that looks great on everyone, try matching one with a teal coloured watch for instant stand out!. Also, a great pair of sunglasses is a must; men should stop by a sunglasses store or eye doctor to find a pair that fits their face shape. Picking a quality shoe is also a great way to add accessories without going over the top. Men’s shoes such loafers or boat shoes work well, both of which are comfortable and work with a variety of summer looks. Finally, pick out a great belt that ties the look together. The key is to not overdo the accessories and pick the ones that are comfortable and work with the outfit.

Men should try to accessorize!

This summer, men should think outside the box and try out new looks to see what works and what doesn't work. With so many fun new trends coming out, it's a great time to check out different trends. By considering accessories and changing up their normal styles, men can look forward to a fun, fashionable summer! All of the accessories seen in this post can be found at

Thanks Mike for your insight on some easy ways men can change things up for summer!!

Dont forget to follow Mike on Twitter @FashiondudeMike !



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