Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Insta - good

Im a big Apple fanatic - love my iphone and mac and I love the app instagram. Im not big on apps or games, I tend to get bored and not keep up. Although, the other night the bf and I were playing Draw Something, we came to the conclusion we need more of a life since we are hooked on the game. Besides that game I can honestly say I don't think I use my iphone to all of its capability yet still love it. Here are some of this weeks instagram pix! Im loving this app because you can edit your photos simply from your iphone! 

Love my Nike frees!

It was my baby cousins birthday yesterday! She turned 1

Im trying my best to stay healthy

My old lady puppy got a haircut

Added Sally Hansens Salon Effects!
The weather is heating up!

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