Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wedding Chronicles - First Step

So from time to time I want to share the wedding experience I've been having. I didn't really grow up dreaming about a grand wedding, so when life brought me to Arizona's heat all I knew was that my big day  was not happening outdoors! The first thing we did after the bf proposed was pick a date which took some time to discuss our options and what would work best for both our families.

In college I minored in event planning because weddings and organizing events had always peaked my interest! I think with my background experience I will be a much calmer bride to be (hopefully)! I do recommend you hop online - search around or pick up a book! My mom picked this one up for us which tells you step by step what to do, as well the knot keeps track of a monthly and weekly to do list!!!

You can pick up a copy at most book stores or Target



Friday, June 29, 2012

Red White and Blue

A little red, white and blue action for the day. Although its 110 degrees here nothing beats a clean white collar and colorful jeans! 

Im wearing white top from Express, Rock & Republic Jean, Steve Madden flats and LV bag, F21 cross ring and Fossil boyfriend watch


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re - Use !

Blogging the past couple of months has allowed me to share my passion and my take on styles, trends, whats hot and what I love! I've found so many others bloggers who share my same passion  across the country! I am one of many around the world who shares online their take an I love to see fellow bloggies and how they mix up their style. 
 I haven't noticed many repeat offenders and lets face it, if you spend a good amount of money on a piece and you love it you should re wear it. Unless of course you are a celebrity and buying a new outfit every other day, but hey we even see celebs having repeat offenders! This top is one of those pieces, Its my favorite 7 for all man kind top. Its comfortable and thin, which is needed here in the desert.  I added my favorite frugal target sandals because they tie in the gray tones of the top and forever 21 trousers! 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Insta- good

Hi all- just a few instagram pictures from this past week! I've been uber busy working and wedding planning!  But will be posting a couple of new outfit post this week!

love arm candy


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday with the boys!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend! Last night I attended my first Diamondback game! I must say Im still a YANKEE fan and that will never change!! It was a little weird because it was an indoor arena but a cool experience! I went out with my 3 favorite boys and had fun being the only girl! Growing up it was always just my brother and I (we are 3 years apart)! We have always had a close relationship and he's always let me hang out with the boys: from wrestling with me like I was a boy to dressing me like one! 

silly boys!

 my favorite beer - root beer that is!

a little throw back action!

Have a great Sunday! Im enjoying it pool side with the familia!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Insta- Goood

Heres a couple of faves from this weeks instagram post!! 

Fathers Day- The man that taught me how to be successful!

Starbucks Passion tea Lemonade our Fav!


Polka dots! 

Cali <3

A beautiful day in the grand canyon state!

~ beans!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Lately on pinterest, I've found myself almost crying from laughing soo hard! Do you ever laugh out loud with people around and they look at you like you're crazy? This happens often when looking at what I like to call the funnies section on pinterest! The other day I was at my desk and having a convo with my girlfriends, I didn't even realize I was laughing out loud from what we were talking about! I love those moments & a good laugh or two!

So, here to give you a good laugh at some of my favorite pins this past week just to kick off the weekend!

I work out!!!

I know we all have one of these friends!

Isnt this so true?

Excuse the french !  But this goes back to working out + eating everythin =]

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Essential- White pants!

Happy mid week hump day! I have been obsessed with these white pants! I picked them up at a deal at Nordstroms Last Chance ! I think white pants stand out so nicely in the summer!! I'm loving these mix of colors!

My lens had a smudge I think?! LOL! 

This look: Top: H&M, Pants: Vince Camuto,  Sandals: Target, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lipstick: Mac a new color from Nikki Minaj! 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Color me happy!

Green is my happy color ! My favorite color the money color and these are my favorite neon skinnys!
A easy look for a Saturday running errands!!! I've been reading wedding blogs and hear that green is a big no no for bridesmaid dresses. Of course I would never put my maids in a green grass or neon but I am seriously considering a shade of green!

The Look: I found this top at Marshalls!! I love the back zipper detail. These jeans are Fire from Nordstrom and I have on Sperry Top Sliders! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 14th 2012 !

I would like to start by sharing and expressing my thoughts on Karma! I tend to stay as positive as possible with life, outlooks and feelings. Yet when it comes to the word karma, I have always seen this word in particular in such a negative light [ "Ohh karma will get them" ] or on the flip side ["karma will come back around']! Its weird to say I've always believed in karma but have never seen the positive aspect of it until last night! 

 Other sayings I feel hold true: "life is a full circle" ( I have experienced this feeling countless times) another one I love is "everything happens for a reason" I know this one is so cliche but I can honestly say its the truth! 

Anyways, last week was a pretty rough, emotional, exciting and a huge change for me personally and I wasn't as positive as I generally am. I will always stand by my saying of "no I'm not lucky I'm blessed " but sometimes when it rains it pours. I knew in the back of my mind that when it rains it pours and when the sun is shinning you are on top! Well exactly one week later I feel that someone was watching over me (my lucky angles as I still like to think )  and made me a very lucky girl,  because after 4 years of dating my boyfriend-- popped the question!!! The past month leading up to this will definitely be one for the records and June will now be a memory of one of the craziest, happiest months to remember. 

So beware my of the bridezilla that may take over this blog and share all of my favorite bride to be finds =] 


Let me bring you up to speed!

Here's whats been going on with beans since we last spoke:)

Chronicles of  instagram through my iphone!

baby girl came swimming

ro love<3

house hunting took us to the country!

out in the crop land!

note to self: nail polish bottles shatter! After this picture this bottle shattered! Thank goodness for nail polish remover

someone is almost walking!

baby c sent me this cutie picture! She's such a fashionista!

my cousin graduated HS! It made me realize its been 6 years since my days at Serra!


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