Monday, July 30, 2012

5 things from this weekend!

I saw a post from a fellow blogger sharing 5 things she encountered this weekend, and I wanted to share some of the high lights from my weekend!

Side note: My little cousin is visiting this month from New Jersey so thus why I have been uber busy and not posting. Keeping a 5 year old busy is a lot harder than I thought and pretty exhausting.

This weekend..

I went to the ball game with my daddy! The Mets vs Diamondbacks and rooted for the NY Mets of course!

I sat in the backyard and listened as the rain fell and the storm blew in. Its monsoon season here in Arizona and might just be my favorite season! The temperature drops down to 80s and listening to the wind chimes and lightening is actually peaceful.

I bounced around like a 13 year old at Jump street indoor trampolines with my cousin and enjoyed seeing the laughter of a child!

I played a good old game of monopoly with my parents and fiance! Man, the game never gets shorter but it was a good laugh and fun time! Of course it was the Marine Corp edition!

I received my doodle graphics from Etsy ( visit this amazing shop owner and graphic designer for your own custom design)  of my Subway art with my love story with my hunny!

How was your weekend?


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