Friday, July 13, 2012

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I'm excited to share a special guest posting from an online catalog site based out of the UK that offers a wide variety of home goods and apparel. Today we are talking about hitting the beach and accessorizing! Shop the entire site at and check out their great clearance sale with savings up to 75% off!!!

Dressing for the beach is no longer as simple as chucking a bikini in your suitcase. The beach is as much a fashion competition as anywhere else, and choosing your bikini is only the beginning. 
If you’re tanning – with sun cream, of course – a bikini is a must. And the skimpier the better to avoid awkward tan lines. If you’re merely posing by the pool, consider a cut-out swim suit for something much more striking. Metallics are really in this season, but if the gold wet-look is going a bit too far, opt for a bold print instead. 
Kate Beckinsale once admitted that the reason she wore five inch wedge sandals whilst walking along the beach was because it made her legs look much slimmer and longer, not just because the sand was so hot. It might be high maintenance for the beach, but for cocktails by the pool there’s no shame in slipping on a pair of wedges to glamorise your beach look. 
Chunky, wooden jewelry  works best for the beach, and can make a plain bikini look a whole lot more stylish. Gold hoops and a big cocktail ring also look effortlessly beach chic. With your feet on display too, make the most of them with an anklet or a toe ring. 
A lot of looking beach-ready is all in the preparation. Before you head off on holiday, make sure you get a manicure and pedicure, a salt scrub for a longer lasting tan, and the all-important Fake Bake. It’ll make sure you’re not ice white when you first arrive, and you’ll be less tempted to overdo it in the sun. You can do all of this at home, so there’s no need to splash out on salon treatments. When it comes to the essential waxing session, though, we’d always leave it to the professionals. 
A pair of oversized sunnies and a kaftan will finish off your beach look. A sarong also works just as well as a kaftan – simply cross two corners over your chest and tie behind your neck à la Kate Moss – and doubles up as something for you to lie on. 
We’ve said it before, but do not forget the sun cream! A sun burn will render all your hard work null and void. 

How do you get beach ready? I couldn't agree more - sun screen, sunnies and a little fake and bake before hand. Especially if your on vacation and haven't enjoyed the sun previously. 

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