Monday, September 24, 2012

Penny Talk !

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and great start to your Monday! I have been obsessed with cheetah print nail designs for quite some time now. I have tried to perfect the print and even visited the ladies at the nail salon, but no one can compete with what Pinterest had to offer. For my anniversary in July my hubby- to-be came home with some fun nail art supplies ( still a kid at heart). I decided to take a whim at the print, which turns out not to be that hard after all! I think you just need to actually be more messy than neat! Here is my easy take at the print.

I start with this awesome Deborah Lippman  fast track kit that I picked up at Barney s a couple month's ago. I begin with the '2 second nail primer'. Then apply the 'fast girls quick dry base coat'. Follow up with 2 coats of Essie's Penny Talk. Allow this to dry and use  the 'addicted to speed top coat'. I wait for this to set and dry then start on my design. I love how the top coat feels almost like gel top coats from the salon! 

I'm using a simple black nail art polish pen by Sally Hansen! Create easy thick dots of penny talk and surround them with black circles. I cant say have perfected it but I'm still working on my fun cheetah print!

the finished product!

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  1. OOoooooo! That's kewl! I've never seen a nail pen like that. Where did you get that from?




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