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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012

Somewhere Around Arizona

From the streets of New York City to the west coast nothing is stopping this girl from styling it up. Those are some kickass dresses, and well spring is coming to an end but summer is coming soon. On the west coast however, I’m sure it’s always nice. This girl loves shopping at H&M & Nordstrom’s; you can always find her wearing shorts and a top when relaxing. “Favorite short brands are 7 for all mankind and citizens because they are super comfortable! For tops love silence and noise, sparkle & fade” Colorful looks are a plus! Especially in this upcoming weather, yea for shoes a few she has a love for are Tom’s and of course any girl’s favorite’ Steve Madden.

“I love flipping through gossip mags and fashion mags like vogue and of course I love shopping.”

Be sure to check out her awesome blog Beans4Fashion, the link I below. 

Featured on Fashiondesire!

Its so awesome to share with you all on the web my love for fashion and welcome you in to my closet basically. Is it weird to hear-- I'm actually a shy person? Here's an example: when I was in New Jersey last month I went out with my bff and met up with a bunch of her friends. While we were walking one of her guy friends mentioned a girls style and then followed up with "come on its no beans4fashion" -- something along these lines. I stopped dead in my tracks and was super embarrassed and thought wow "he reads my blog"?! Whenever I write a post I always follow it up with a post on facebook & twitter. My friends usually re-post my blogs and I can not thank them enough for helping me gain new followers or even new friends that browse over my page.

Last night as I was watching the Cotto vs Mayweather fight (did any one watch it?) I noticed a re-tweet from Samsul  who posted about Fashiondesire. Big or small I'm honored to be featured on this site !! Thank You!!

So honored!

I am so excited to finally have a dot com! Im still tweaking some things around so bare with me.I loved Wordpress but wanted to change things up a bit. I have had a crazy hectic weekend and I cant wait to share pictures of this weekends favorite styled outfits!

I just  wanted to share with you this amazing blog really quick -  I was featured on it from a fashion editor from the UK! Check out Anne here!!!

How neat! Im so ecstatic!!

April 14, 2012 
Featured on Net Vignette 
by Janel Lopez of Beans4Fashion

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